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UAE Legislation Platform

In line with the UAE government's directions to raise the quality of federal legislation, the General Secretariat of the Cabinet has established the UAE Legislations Platform, which contains an electronic database that includes the most important federal legislation issued in the country since the establishment of the Union in 1971 until now.


  • The platform classifies legislations according to main topics that contain subgroups, for example: legislation related to the economic sector is classified under the topic of economic legislations.
  • The platform facilitates access to legislations related to the user's area of interest by grouping them under main categories, for example: investors and entrepreneurs’ legislations, visitors and tourists’ legislations... etc. 
  • The platform contains federal legislations according to the latest amendment, in addition to a list of amendments, regulation tables attached to it.
  • The platform ensures the speed of transition between the articles of a legislation, with the ability to print, copy or share legislation through email or social media platform (WhatsApp, X Platform).
  • The platform provides the feature of adding legislations to the “favorites” list, to easily access those legislations and get alerts in the event of any amendment happens to them.
  • The platform contains an advanced search engine with several search criteria’s, including: legislations topic, legislations group, year of issue, and specific words.
  • The UAE Legislations Platform is an interactive platform that allows users to participate in the development of legislations, through an online campaign, which is announced upon entering the platform.
  • The platform publishes the latest news related to federal legislations in the country.


Program Operation Requirements:

Compatible with Web Browsers, iPhone and Android Apps.